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Custom Reporting

Use realistic performance measures and real-time information to adjust employee and system practices to better optimize workflow. One report can save hours of work in the long run, and dozens of call reports can be made using company criteria.

Call Recording

Record calls and store the audio files in the cloud without taking up space on your computer. Access recordings on the fly for quality assurance or training purposes. Record calls from a specific phone or queue or for your entire organization.

SMS Queuing

Communicate the way your customers do with SMS queuing. Any business number can allow SMS text messages. Assign agents to the SMS queue as you would a call queue to reply to customer needs as they come in.

Frontline Heroes

Be the hero. Enable better communication for your customers and transform their customer engagement with Call Center technology.

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GenVox Analytics Wallboard

Custom Wallboards

GenVox call queuing comes with powerful analytics and wallboard application. Boards are highly customizable for a custom look and feel while maintaining ease of use. Create limitless custom boards to share with your team and/or customers without needing to download any software. Visual and audible alerts can be configured to make you already to any thresholds needed. Customizable data types for your wallboards include line charts, stat blocks, gauges, tables, grids, notes, and iframes.

Interactive Voice Response

Put the 'voice' in IVR. Route callers with speech recognition and a true Interactive Voice Response out of the box. No third-party subscriptions or add-ons required. Route custom keywords and report on keywords used for powerful customer analytics.

More Features

Supervisor Access

Call Center Supervisors can access powerful wallboards, reports, and call queues without needing full admin access.

Service Level Agreement

Monitor service interaction time to make sure calls are being answered in an acceptable amount of time.


Bird's eye view of all analytics on a single page. Understand what is driving customer based metrics.

Dynamic Call Routing

Improve and customize call routing based on preference. Break the frustration and measure the impact on service.


Agreed upon metrics gives greater CX for intended users. Calls never stay in queuing for longer than intended.

Skill-Based Routing

Route calls based on skill set. Allow best specialists to answer incoming calls and handle customer concerns.

Additional Queue Options

  • Queue Intro Message
  • Music/Message On Hold
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Expected Wait Times
  • Callback Options
  • Queue/Agent Ring out Timer
  • Log Out Agent On Missed Call
  • Forward If Unanswered
  • Agent Auto Answer
  • Queue Voicemails
  • Barge/Whisper/Listen
  • Stats Grid
  • Agent Wrap Up Timer
  • Simultaneous Calls Limit
  • Queue Auto Answer
  • Call Recording
  • SMS Options
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Longest Idle
  • Ring All
  • Linear Hunt
  • Linear Cascade
  • Abandoned Calls
  • Abandoned Stats
  • Agent Availability
  • Agent Stats
  • Average Hold Times
  • Average Waiting Times
  • Call Volume
  • Calls Waiting
  • Dialed Number Stats
  • Report by Department, Date & Time, Queue, DID, Agent
  • Call Center Calls Today
  • Call Center Talk Time
  • Call Center Average Talk
  • Inbound Calls Today
  • Inbound Talk Time
  • Inbound Average Talk
  • Outbound Calls Today
  • Outbound Talk Time
  • Outbound Average Talk

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