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Who We Are

All of us have a story. Ours is simple. We are constantly researching the most innovative technology for a more global, unified business world. We believe technology is only a means to an end that helps us connect with one another. People are as important as the technology we develop. Therefore, as a technology provider for all-in-one cloud-based unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) solutions, we develop features and applications that connect the full spectrum of business people.

We meet people where they are most comfortable. Each of us like to speak of our own personal story in our own personal way. GenVox understands that sentiment and with our modular approach, are able to stay ahead of the technology curve. Whether you approach business from your laptop, mobile or desktop, we are constantly innovate on your behalf. The core of who we are is to improve real-time person to person communication.

We connect companies with high quality unified communication solutions.


We keep a pulse on our partners and listen to their concerns.


Clarity in communication makes sense to the bottom line.


Our world is changing rapidly and we are happy to keep up.


We find innovation in all forms but our creativity is human.

Join us in the catalyst for change.

We offering cutting-edge technology to our partners and help you win against your competition.